At Alston, personal health and safety is our top priority and highest corporate value. As the nation and world grapples with the coronavirus, COVID-19, we want to provide a brief update regarding our efforts to address COVID-19. Alston’s operational continuity planning includes policies and procedures that directly address the impacts COVID-19 has placed on our operations, compliance with social distancing, avoidance of large groups, working remotely if possible, enhanced sanitation and hygiene standards, jobsite protocols to help identify symptomatic individuals and establish quarantines, and a network of industrial cleaning companies to ensure our projects are sanitized if there is suspected contamination, among other contingency plans and procedures we have established.

Like you, we continue to monitor national and international developments associated with COVID-19 and continue to adjust our operational continuity plans to ensure we meet or beat all applicable best practices and rules associated with ongoing operations. We are in continuous communication with our subcontractors, vendors and other business partners to ensure alignment with our COVID-19 Management Plan and applicable directives of governmental authorities and public health professionals (such as the CDC, WHO and other organizations). We are proactively assessing supply chains and labor, and assisting our partners to make adjustments as necessary to support our people, projects and clients. Indeed, each Alston team member has stepped up in true Alston fashion to serve each other, our business partners, our clients, our communities and our nation.

We are committed to the safety of everyone associated with projects and are proud to continue our serving our customers. If you would like to learn more about what Alston is doing or can do for you, please do not hesitate to email us at We wish everyone good health and safety as we all navigate the COVID-19 Pandemic together.