At the core of Alston’s cultural values is safety

At the core of Alston’s cultural values is safety. We live and breathe health and safety every day: a culture where there are no compromises in safety.

For over three decades we’ve worked with our clients and partners to create high-quality projects while ensuring that it is unacceptable for people to get hurt while at work.

It is the right thing to do. Our safety program is not compliance-driven, but built on a foundation of sound values and safety-oriented practices. Because just one accident is still one too many – we recognize it’s simply unacceptable for people to get hurt.


We established our expectations by adhering to these crucial safety principles:

✓ Top-to-bottom management commitment
Safety-led, pre-construction meetings with subcontractors
Safety expectations in the subcontract agreement

✓ Site-specific safety programs
Employee training
Project-specific safety meetings
✓ Field supervisory-led safety auditing
✓ High hazard pre-task planning
✓ Nationally consistent PPE requirements
✓ Crisis management preparedness training


Our program exceeds federal and state requirements, yet is dynamic enough to adjust to the diversity and specific challenges of our construction projects.

The results speak for themselves: Alston Construction has maintained an average EMR below .66 for the past 5 years. This success has also been recognized in the form of numerous safety awards, namely the AGC National Safety Award in 2023 and 2015. And it pays off for our building owners in terms of less lost time – which contribute to our competitive pricing.

Most importantly of all, it’s just the right thing to do. To make sure our people go home safe and healthy at the end of the day, every day, we’re creating a culture based on NEVER compromising on safety.

To contact our safety department:

Jason Walburn – Southeast (GA, FL, SC, TN)404.594.0011

Ely Guevara – Southeast (GA, FL, SC)404.326.1752

Brian Keane – Northeast (NJ, PA, MD, NY, OH, MA)732.609.6758

Lucas Layendecker – East/TN Ops (TN, MS, AL, AR)615.854.3346

Greg Vannelli – North Central (IL, IN, IA, WI)484.225.5377

Tyrone Young – South Central & West (SoCal, Las Vegas, AZ, TX Ops, LA) 214.490.8297

Jeff Baldwin- West (NorCal, Napa, WA, ID, Reno, NV, OR) 775.223.2287

Jay Brunson – Amazon Master Program & AIM 469.435.3296

David Campbell – Corporate Safety Director 404.783.4358